The 1st Nordic International Mail Art Biennale will take place for the first time autumn 2014 at Wizard Institution of Contemporary Arts (Oslo, Norway). All artists (or non-artists) are invited to submit work to the biennale. No work or idea is too small or too big. The sole entry requirement is that the submission be sent through the postal system. All participating artists will receive an exhibition catalogue by mail. One of the artists will receive the 1st Nordic International Mail Art Award.

All work must be postmarked by August 1st, 2014 September 1st, 2014.
Submissions may be sent anonymously, though artists are encouraged to send additional info by mail or e-mail. This is to ensure that the biennale catalogue is accurate, and that all participating artist receive a catalogue in return. All submissions will be kept as part of the institution’s future archive.
Wizard Institution of Contemporary Arts
Att: Nordic International Mail Art Biennale
c/o Grünerløkka Lufthavn
Toftes gate 69, 0552 Oslo
E-mail art will not be reviewed, but enquiries can be sent to:
Every asked questions
Can I join even if I am from the Philippines?
– Yes, you can enter work from anywhere in the world.

Will sending my artwork via couriers like FEDEX or DHL be considered "sent through postal system"?
– The one requirement is that it is sent through your local post office. If you have a good reason we might accept work sent by FedEx or DHL.

My work is a digital video accompanied by a letter, is it ok to submit a video work? Ideally it would be shown on a small screen but I am very flexible with installation based on available equipment.
– We are open to a broad interpretation of the term mail art. This means that a video, painting or sculpture (or work in any other physical form) could be accepted. But if you are just sending us a piece of work that is not related to mail art, this is maybe not the right exhibition. You can read more Here.

I am a little confused about your call for submissions. Does the actual piece of work need to be post marked?
– I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but I’ll try to answer as best I can. Mail art is an art form that in the broadest sense means sending small scale art through the postal system. It’s not merely about wrapping up a painting and sending it through the mail, but relates to the concept of sending and receiving, as well as the transportation of the mail. It’s just as much about the receiver or the mailman, as it is about the sender. Mail art is very often conceptual, humorous and fun. It’s a way to create art within a global community, free from the rules of the mainstream art market. You can read more Here.

If I send my mail art anonymously... how are you going to know who is the work from? Do I need to mark the mail art with something coded?
– I understand. We were a little unsure how to get the credits right as it’s very normal to send it anonymously. I just visited your website, and was number 002697. Mark your mail with that number and I will be able to identify it. Might have to figure out a better system for recognizing the mail in the long run.

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